How Do You Create Good Luck?

Just Apply the Lessons in
Secrets of Lucky People

What is good luck really? Call it what you will, but some people have more good things happen in their lives, right? Want to be one of these lucky people? I so you've come to the right place.

The New Book/Course Secrets of Lucky People

Note: The book is no longer for sale on this website, but can be found on here: Secrets of Lucky People: A Study of the Laws of Good Luck

Read this book and you'll understand why some people have more luck than others. Apply the lessons and you can be one of those people.

Is It a Lucky Book?

You'll find powerful information here, and even a quick reading of the book might make you luckier. What's more, as explained in the chapter titled "The Prospectors Reticular Cortex," just buying the book may bring more luck your way. But do the exercises and apply what you learn. I've made this "luck work" a bit easier for you.

You see, it's more than just a book, but a true course on how to have good luck. Each chapter or lesson covers an important principle of luck, and believe it or not, there has been some serious scientific research done on lucky people, as you'll see.

But perhaps more important are the good-luck tales found throughout the book, many of which are true stories. They demonstrate the principles in action, and make the lesson "stick" in your mind.

At the end of each chapter there are the "luck exercises." They're designed to get you thinking like a lucky person. This easy "luck work" can produce results in days.

What else do you get when you buy the book:

Can you imagine having a money-making business given to you for nothing? One couple I know had this happen to them. I'll tell you all about it in Chapter 3 of "Secrets of Lucky People." You'll see why they were so lucky, and how you can be too.

I watched a man win over $80,000 playing roulette in a little casino where I used to be employed. I called him up one day and met with him, and he showed me exactly how he did it. I'll tell you the whole story in Chapter 10 (but don't expect to repeat his success - casinos are getting more careful)

Secrets Of Lucky People is new, but here are a few of the comments I have received so far:

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading (Secrets of Lucky People). I really like your style of writing and the way you explain things. - Diane J

Thank you very much Steve Gillman. I like to read all your ebooks. - Mohammad N

Thanks! I bought the Luck Book . . . very good! - Dennis J

At a money-making seminar the speaker asked "Who wants a hundred dollar bill?" Myself and a few other people put up their hands. Many just laughed, thinking it was some kind of trick. Taking the bill from his pocket he asked who would come to the stage to get it. Hundreds were in the audience, but only a few approached, and he handed the bill to the woman who got there first.

I'll explain why she got the $100 in Chapter 1, and give you an exercise for creating your own luck. The same chapter has the true story of a jerk who seemed to get a date with all the prettiest girls - and you'll discover his secret to getting lucky as well.

Jump on Those Opportunities!

A crucial secret of good luck is to take advantage of opportunities, and this package is one of those opportunities. What if you don't agree? You can get your money back. Don't miss out on this.

Note: The book is no longer for sale on this website, but can be found on here: Secrets of Lucky People: A Study of the Laws of Good Luck


Book on Luck

  • In Chapter 4 you'll learn about a principle magician David Copperfield used to become youngest person ever accepted into the Society Of American Magicians.

  • Perhaps you have heard that "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." So how do you prepare for opportunity? That's explained in Chapter 3 - including specific steps you can take to be sure you have more good luck in your life.

  • The "Surname Experiment" and what it found about lucky people is in Chapter 5.

  • 3% of Yale graduates who did this ended up with more wealth than the other 97% put together. What is it, and how do you do it correctly? That's Chapter 29.

  • How you look at things determines whether you'll have good luck or not, and in Chapter 9 there are two easy exercises that will change your perspective to make you luckier.

  • In Chapter 26 you'll discover the secrets of lucky poker players.

  • Studies show that lucky people are more likely than others to make good decisions based on intuitive hunches. Chapter 12 will show you how they do it - and how you can too.

  • There is a great story about how millionaire Richard Branson once turned bad luck into good luck, in Chapter 13.

  • Overcome worry and stress for better luck - see how in Chapter 14.

  • He bought, fixed and sold 14 houses for a profit one year - working just 30 hours per week. The good luck principle this investor used is in Chapter 21.

  • "Go with the flow" or "take control?" In Chapter 22 you'll discover how to do both.

  • In Chapter 23 find out one of the reasons President Ronald Reagan was so lucky.

  • Who said, "I never did a day's work in my life"? Find out in Chapter 24, and put this principle to work to make more money while having more fun.

  • Friends or acquaintances? Read Chapter 5 to see who is more likely to bring you good luck.

  • Improve basketball free throws without lifting a ball? This research is in Chapter 28, and you can apply the technique to your own life.

  • Unlucky people cause their own bad luck? You bet! See how in Chapters 31 and 32, and stop these bad habits. Your luck will improve quickly.

  • Some people can't become lucky according to one "Luck Professor." He identified two categories of people who couldn't improve their luck, and in Chapter 32 you'll see if you are in one of them - and how you can choose to change.

  • Do lucky people have special advantages over you? In Chapter 20 you'll read about a man who couldn't read or write, but made millions.

Bonus If You Order Today!

Bonus - Luck Exercises Workbook

Train your mind to be lucky with dozens of exercises. You can print them out and use them to change your thinking, to easily develop the mind set of a lucky person.

Sometimes we learn powerful new principles, but they just don't "stick," right? Do these simple exercises and they will. You'll be programming your mind with the patterns of thought that lucky people have.


You do want more good luck, don't you? So why not order now? There is more than just random chance in the world, so why not use these powerful secrets of lucky people? A month from now friends will start asking you "Why are you so lucky?" (Do me a favor and tell them about the book.)

Use these lessons to get lucky in love, make more money, or even to catch more sunfish. Your results may vary, but these are the tricks and principles that have worked for other lucky people. And guess what? There is no risk, because if you're not satisfied, you get your money back.

It's Your Lucky Day!

Note: The book is no longer for sale on this website, but can be found on here: Secrets of Lucky People: A Study of the Laws of Good Luck

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