69 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate

Discover the real estate investing methods that are right for you.

Picture this: You just completed a deal for a profit of $30,000, so you take a week off to go to the beach in Florida, or to go hiking in Montana. What about your job? You already quit that as soon as you started making money in real estate. Wouldn't that feel good?

Real estate investing isn't a job that you have to report to, and it doesn't keep you tied down. You can make good money - money to buy whatever you want - but it's about the freedom too. How many jobs or businesses give you such flexibility and free time? Real estate can change your life.

Note: The book is no longer for sale on this website, but many of the chapters have been published on HousesUnderFiftyThousand.com

Of course it can be a lot of work, but it's flexible work. Finish a deal, and you decide when to start the next one. Rental investments? Hire management, and you are free to travel when you want to, or free to concentrate on finding the next great investment.

What's your best way to make money in real estate? Maybe you don't know, because the right method for you isn't among the dozen ways you know. Isn't it time to broaden your horizons?

My First Real Estate Story

My job paid $3.40 an hour, but I managed to save enough to buy my first piece of land, for $3,500. It was 2.5 acres near where I lived. (This was over 20 years ago)

I spent four hours raking leaves, removing brush, and outlining a possible driveway. Two weeks later I sold the land for $4,750. That was my first experience with real estate investing.

The technique I used to sell so quickly, and for 35% more than I paid, is covered in detail in Chapter 69. Yes, it still works, and for larger properties as well (but that $1200 profit seemed like a lot of money at the time). In the book, you'll find more stories, and a lot more detail on the other 68 ways. Enjoy!

--- Steve Gillman

Some of what you'll get when you buy the book:

My friend made hundreds of thousands of dollars with a simple formula for buying and selling "fixer uppers," and he never lifted a paint brush. Want to see his formula? I'm going to show it to you - in detail. In fact, I'm going to show you 69 ways to make money in real estate, like the following:

$ Formula that makes millions for small town investors.

$ Option hilltops to lease to radio stations.

$ How to be a good "slumlord".

$ Methods that get great returns on your cash.

$ Methods that don't require any cash at all.

$ What one investor did to skyrocket the income from his billboard properties.

$ How to write simple real estate articles and stories and make money from them - by giving them away. I have made many thousands of dollars doing this in the last year.

$ How to buy in the path of growth for big returns on raw land.

$ Think "low ballers," those shameless investors who make ridiculously low offers expect their offer to be expected? Think again! Learn what the real point of a low offer is in Chapter 3, and learn how to do it right.

$ Does the myth that mobile homes depreciate in value keep you from investing in them? In chapter 11 you'll see they don't go down in value if you buy them right, and why they are the cash flow kings of rental properties.

$ In Chapter 5 you'll learn how to get more rent from a house and sell it for a higher price, by using a lease option.

$ Are you making these mistakes with your rental home investments? Be sure to read Chapter 6.

$ What a home is worth doesn't have anything to do with what you've spent on it. Avoid this the common mistakes that come from this mistaken idea by following the formula in Chapter 7. You'll notice that it starts from the future value and works backwards. That is the key.

$ Chapter 8 has a great example of how you "flip" a fixer upper, so you won't even have to worry about the unexpected surprises that come with actually fixing it up.

$ I was young and single, and I had an idea. Suddenly, I had thousands of dollars extra cash each year. You'll find out exactly what I did in Chapter 12.

Note: This book is fun and informative, and is full of ideas and true stories, but there is no guarantee that you'll be able to make money with any given method.

Note: The book is no longer for sale on this website, but many of the chapters have been published on HousesUnderFiftyThousand.com

How Much?

You can see the value here. I can even guarantee the value (more on that in a moment). I've distributed some of this information in bits and pieces, through web sites, articles, courses and newsletters. Here's what people have said about those:

Mr. Gillman your lessons by mail have inspired my wife and I to commence investing in real estate in our area w/ additional applied research. We have been reviewing and applying this information aggressively with great success. - Don M.

Thanks for the lessons received so far, they are really informative and have help improve my newly established property business. - Petroz M.

Hi Steve Great info all the time. You really know what you're talking about and explain things incredibly. THANKS - Eric Y

You have some great information on your website for someone like me who is not a real estate agent. We will be reading your articles with great interest. - Amber S

Steve, The book and your website are excellent. Thanks! - Ann F

Note: The book is no longer for sale on this website, but many of the chapters have been published on HousesUnderFiftyThousand.com

Special Bonus!

22 Real Estate Investing Lessons.

Here are some of the things you'll learn in this powerful e-book:

$ Why offer an odd amount, like $161,735? You'll find out in Lesson 1.

$ Why go slow when negotiating? Time investment. A story explains this in Lesson 1.

$ How do you get more rental income? You'll find 10 ways in Lesson 2.

$ Have you made any of these 10 mistakes hiring a contractor? Check out Lesson 3.

$ How do you find good rental properties? Try any of the 10 ways in Lesson 4.

$ Who do you need on your real estate team? 10 possibilities are listed in Lesson 5.

$ Be sure to ask the 10 questions in Lesson 7 before hiring property management.

The other lessons:

8 - Choosing A City To Invest In
9 - Market Research By Talking
10 - Putting A Price On A House
11 - Valuation Using A Cap Rate
12 - Dirty Tricks To Watch Out For
13 - Property Inspection
14 - Rental Properties - What To Look For
15 - Creative Financing - Ten Methods
16 - Fixer-Uppers: What To Fix
17 - Should You Offer Seller Financing?
18 - Seller Financing - Making It Safe
19 - 10 Myths About Real Estate Investing
20 - Real Estate Investment Clubs
21 - Partners?
22 - Real Estate Success

Seller's Dirty Tricks - Sellers sometimes use dirty tricks to inflate the value of their properties. Understanding these can save you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Be sure to read Lesson 12.

Note: This book is fun and informative, and is full of ideas and true stories, but there is no guarantee that you'll be able to make money with any given method.


More great information you'll find in 69 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate:

$ How do you make money on a fixer upper? How do you lose money on one? You'll find stories that demonstrate bot of these in Chapter 7.

$ Chapter 9 shows how to find rental properties that you can get cash flow from, even when it seems that there aren't any left.

$ "Why rent when you can own this beautiful mobile home on land for just $485 per month. Nice yard and room for a garden. $57,000, and just $2,000 down payment." In Chapter 10 you'll see why placing an ad like this may be the key to really making money with mobile homes.

$ Many years ago there was a row of old homes in the Northern Michigan town where I used to live. Many were rentals. None were very well taken care of. Then one day they were gone. Find out why in Chapter 13, and how you can use this knowledge to make big profits.

$ I once lived near a house that was shaped like a flying saucer. How do you make money with properties like that? Read Chapter 66. There is also a great story about how Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of Virgin Records, bought an island for 6% of the asking price. (Yes you read that right - 94% discount.)

$ Have you heard of "hard money?" It helps investors do deals they couldn't otherwise do, but being the lender might be the easier way to go, as you'll see in Chapter 58.

$ What is a sandwich lease with purchase option? Find out in Chapter 27.

$ Want to know how billionaire Warren Buffet started investing, long before Berkshire Hathaway? As a teenager, he parlayed his newspaper route earnings into the purchase of farmland, which he leased out. More on that in Chapter 19.

$ Look around your city and you'll see that some houses have extra lots. Chapter 16 will show you what how to make a profit when those properties are for sale.

$ What are real estate notes, and how can you make money with them without investing any of your own money? You'll find out in Chapter 43.

$ In Chapter 44 you'll see how a young man quit his job and made a tax-free living by simply buying and living in nice homes (he fixed them up a little too).

Note: The book is no longer for sale on this website, but many of the chapters have been published on HousesUnderFiftyThousand.com

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