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Negotiation Skills and Techniques of Master Negotiators

Want to have great negotiation skills? Then learn the proven secrets and techniques of powerful negotiators in the new PDF report, Negotiation Skills And Techniques Of Master Negotiators.

Have you ever noticed that some people fail at the simplest negotiations while others get what they want from the toughest adversary? What's the difference? It isn't natural ability. That helps, but many poor negotiators have gone on to become the best in their industries, by learning a few secrets and practicing what they learned.

Note from the author:

I'm not a famous negotiator. In fact, I used to be one of those people who failed at the simplest negotiations. What I've always been good at, though, is finding great information and applying what I learn. Once I studied the secrets of master negotiators, I could easily spot the tactics used by others, and protect myself against them. I negotiated better pay and position when I was an employee. My wife and I bought a beautiful home from the bank for $17,500, and later sold it for a profit. Friends laughed when I negotiated 40% off a new book at a bookstore, but hey, you have to practice for the big stuff.

Honestly, negotiating really isn't my "thing." I get no thrill from it, but boy do I save money! You can do the same. That is why I took all the best information I could find and condensed into this short e-book. You'll see how powerful this information is once you put it to use.

- Steve Gillman -

No Longer for Sale - Now It's Free!

I have decided to post the pages of the book here on this website. Now you don't have to pay a penny to learn these tips, techniques and negotiation skills. Here is the table of contents, with links. Start on the first and you can follow the link at the bottom of each page to read the book straight through. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back and review the lessons here prior to your next negotiation.

Table Of Contents

Part One: The Elements Of Negotiation

Negotiation - Time: The importance of time and discovering deadlines.
Time Investment: Continuation; a discussion about using time.

Negotiation - Information: How it plays a crucial role in negotiating.
Critical Information: Continuation; info you need to know.
Key Information: Continuation; more on the specific info to gather.

Negotiation - Power: Other sources of power at the negotiating table.
Negotiating Power: Continuation; more ways to gain power.

Part Two: Specific Negotiating Strategies, Techniques and Tactics

Negotiating Strategies: (1 through 3)

More Negotiation Strategies: (4 through 7)

More Negotiating Tactics: (8 through 11)

Still More Negotiation Techniques: (12 through 15)

Negotiation Tips, Techniques and Tactics: (16 through 19)

Part Three: Outline Of A Successful Negotiation

How to Negotiate: An outline of the negotiation process, starting well before you actually sit down to negotiate.

Some of What's in Negotiation Skills

The Compromise - A common scenario: You're buying something - we'll say a boat - and the seller says something like, "Look, you want $4,500, I want $5,500. Why don't we split the difference and call it $5,000? This is one of the oldest negotiating techniques, and it often works because people are familiar with it. But what if the seller was insisting on $6,500? In that case "splitting the difference," would mean you pay $5,500. What people miss here is that because of this it is crucial what you do before the compromise is suggested.

Note: There is no guarantee of the results you'll get using these techniques. This information covers research as well as techniques based on various people's experiences. In addition, the success (or lack of success) of some methods will depend on how skillfully they are used.

The Three Important Elements - Time, information and power are the three important elements when negotiating, and how well you use them determines the level of your negotiation skills. These are covered at the start of the book, before we get to specific techniques and tactics. Time is a particularly interesting topic, and to demonstrate its importance I tell a sad story of how a nasty lawyer once used time to get $5,000 off the price of a house I was selling as an agent. I'll remember that lesson - and you will too (without having to learn it the hard way).

You Will Also Learn...

How your spouse can help a negotiation - even if he or she isn't there!

How to build trust.

Why you should ask for things you don't really want.

When to deal with "problem issues" (timing is crucial).

Find win-win solutions.

Systematically win your points.

Use the "power of precedent."

Negotiation Skills and Techniques of Master Negotiators

See the table of contents above and start reading it now!

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